Supplier Performance

The SMS Back Office Group is a collection of corporate experienced and integrated Business Development, Finance, Data Analytics, IT, HR Administrative, and Supplier Management professionals who, by project, combine to form a supplier’s Back Office team - Always led by a Project Manager, we collaborate with our clients and provide supplemental support to assist in delivering their client’s needs.

Revenue Generation

Need a little help putting things in prospective and delivering the right message to assist in closing deals with clients or investors? We have the experience to help with that whether client proposal support, better online presence, or a little business development planning support and more.

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Operational Excellence

Whether getting more business is an area of focus or not, keeping the business you have should always be. Our resources provide temporary or permanent support to assist in Operational Excellence. This includes Growth Strategy, Financial Performance, HR Management, System Implementation Support, Process Mapping and more.

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Cost Management

We know that your business is only as good as the subcontractors, vendors, and suppliers that help you deliver. With that, we also know the importance of managing that group to drive cost down, maintain quality, and maximize delivery performance. Our customized supplier portals, sourcing support, and supplier program leadership can help in this space.

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