Business Acumen in the Supply Chain

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Cost $149
(half day)

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Course Description

“Business Acumen: For the Supply Management” connects with industry professionals who demonstrate leadership capabilities and growth potential. This Sourcing and Supply Chain workshop, which focuses on Professional Branding, Business Intelligence, Project Leadership, and Value Articulation, also explores the participant’s ability to gage and manage their “stock price” and explore the value they bring inside the department and across the corporation.


  • Define the characteristics and attributes needed to continue to grow in the Supply
    Management profession.
  • Learn to speak the language of executives in order to sharpen project communication and delivery.
  • Generate internal support and lead cross-functional teams.
  • Plan, execute, and close out projects considering scope, time, and cost.
  • Grow from the exchanging of experiences amongst other emerging Professionals in the field.
  • Gain encouragement and practice from multiple report out and presentations to the class
  • ISM Continuing Education Hours Available


Registration for the course is available through the SMS Signature Training Portal