Supplier Relationship Management

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Supplier Relationship Management

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2 days

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Course Description

The Driving Excellence in Supplier Relationship Management course was strategically assembled to clarify the potentially confusing step by step implementation process. The course aims to hit six objectives that will coach the participants through supplier specific relationship management.

After rationalizing the supply base and developing the relationships with those involved in that supply, the next goal is to implement a supplier diversity program. Next, new supplier plans and reports that meet specific requirements will be formed. When everyone involved knows the component materials and supplier meet the requirement, performance evaluations will explain supplier performance. Finally, an exit strategy will be performed.

Relationship Management is extremely important in the field of supply management after identifying and understanding the necessary objective at which suppliers can excel. The class will help its student excel in the field with a better attention to details.



  • Identify opportunities and benefits for rationalizing the supply base
  • Strengthen skills that will allow one to develop and manage effective relationships with suppliers
  • Learn how to develop new supplier qualification plans and reports to assure components, materials, and suppliers meet specified requirements
  • Understand the basics of conducting supplier performance evaluations
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs and minimize price volatility
  • Allow continual improvement of operations


Registration for the course is available through the SMS Signature Training Portal