Supplier Development Leadership Workshop

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Supplier Development Leadership Workshop

Cost $799
2 days

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Course Description

Supplier Development Leadership was constructed for Sourcing & Supplier Quality professionals from all types of industries. It is ideal for professionals whether formally creating a program, taking part in a Supplier Quality Program initiative, and/or taking on additional scope to ensure company-wide quality goals are met and supplier risk is mitigated. The course is aimed at leading Supplier Development initiatives and understanding Supplier Performance Optimization processes. It also goes a step further by breaking down the On-site Supplier Assessment process to help professionals lead Supplier Audits, manage Audit teams, and drive effective follow up processes.


  • Gain insight on how to measure your program and review benchmarking data on others
  • Learn how to draft program parameters and define the strategic imperatives
  • Compare and Contrast best known methods in different industries to help build your program
  • Draft your own Supplier Assessment Checklist and Improvement Milestone Review
  • Receive tips on how to communicate results to different levels of the organization


Registration for the course is available through the SMS Signature Training Portal